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EAC April Newsletter


EacGlobal.Org April Newsletter

Streamline. The word streamline is constantly in my head these days. God is speaking streamline into all areas of my life. What does that mean? Webster says it is "to make something more efficient, especially by simplifying or modernizing it." Hmmm. I look around my house and see areas of clutter. I go into my office and see areas needing reorganization. I go into the files on my computer and the word streamline reverberates in my brain. God seems to be saying: Make it simple, more efficient. Eliminate the unnecessary, the redundant. Prioritize and eliminate what is optional.

And when I get into the Word, I continue to hear streamline. What could that mean spiritually? I started by looking up the definition. Not only does streamline mean to make something more efficient but it also means "to design something with a smooth shape so it moves with minimum resistance." Wow. I believe the Lord is saying to simply life, restructure life, so we can move with minimum resistance to His Word, to His still, small voice.

The opposite of resistance would be to surrender to Him. James 4:7 tells us to "surrender to God. Resist the devil and he will run from us." Verse 8 tells us to clean up our lives & purify our hearts. So if we surrender to Him, clean up our lives and purify our hearts, we will streamline our spiritual lives, moving with minimum resistance to Him.

Multiplication--which is simplication!
G. Phipps mentoring Haitian teachers
EAC team member G. Phipps mentoring Haitian teachers

In the spirit of streamlining, here is a quick update of EAC Winter 2008 activity:

  • 875+ people have been introduced to EAC at conferences, presentations to churches & missions groups, & workshops

  • 65 people have been trained to teach English using Bible-based materials

  • Those trained are presently working in Chile, Haiti, Mexico and the States, plus teams will be teaching English this summer in China, Bali, Thailand, Hungary, and the US.

  • The EAC International team has been mentored through missions conferences, on-the-job mentoring in Mexico & Haiti, and countless hours through email and phone calls. These team members will soon be training in different countries themselves-multiplication!

New tutors going to China Nine of 15 teachers trained in Chile

New tutors going to China to teach English this summer. Aubree, last one on front right, will teach English for 3 months at COTR Thailand

Nine of 15 teachers trained in Chile. They will reach over 100 Chilean students through this English outreach

Thank you for your continued support in all the special ways you give.

If the Lord touches your heart to support this ministry financially as we train and resource national leaders to lead their people to Christ, please send your support check to:

6206 Joyce St.
Texarkana, TX 75503









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