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August 2010

A Giant Carrot, Karate Kid and Jesus!

We took the Gospel to Mexico--to an entire school, K-12thgrade....175 students.... 15 American & 9 bi-lingual Mexican ESL teachers working together to field-test, evangelize, & disciple using the tool of English!!

High School Assembly--Set Your Sights On the Goal

A Giant Carrot grabbed the attention of K - 4th grade in our story about family and friends as we field-tested Kids' Connection, an ESL evangelistic and discipleship tool!!

The Good Samaritan won the day with 5-6th graders as we edited Quick Connections, a teen and adult ESL curriculum, for Middle School/Junior High.

The Karate Kid gave teens an idea of a good mentor as high school field-tested an advanced curriculum that combined films, ESL basics and deep spiritual discussions.

Jesus was lifted high, our theme song, in every class and every assembly as we taught Bible stories, scriptures, songs and even jump rope chants about Jesus!

Assembly Time


 I want to see,

 I want to see,

 I want to see Jesus lifted high.

 Fun Activities Make Learning Easier!


A 3rd grader jumping a chant...

JESUS IS THE WAY 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Please tell me the way to heaven.

7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Jesus is the way; He's the only one




Prepositions--He is under the table


Family helping each other pull the carrot
 (Carrot played by student on right!)


Deep discussions at the advanced high school level

Racing against the clock to accomplish the task...win the relay


 Next Stop for Kids' Connection:  

Costa Rica........Bolivia.......and ______, a communist area near Russia

 Two English camps, one using Kids' Connection at an orphanage and one using Quick Connections for teens, are being conducted this week in a communist area to be left unnamed to protect the Christians there. Please pray for those conducting the camp and the students attending that they will see the love of Jesus.

 Weekly requests from the field for Bible-based ESL materials for children....
Because there are NONE and parents are requesting English classes for their kids!

**What is so important about these materials?**
They are evangelistic by design and great also for discipleship, plus they are written in the language people around the world are wanting to learn.

We need your help! With what?
1-The cost of materials, printing and publishing for quality curriculum for children--$5000
2-The cost of field-testing and training nationals to use the new materials--$5000

How can you help?

Skip a meal or 2 out at a restaurant!
Choose to donate $$ for materials for a national

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Help us reach the world for Christ by teaching the children about Jesus!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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I appreciate your every thought toward me and the EAC team!


Penny Hiller
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