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EAC develops, provides and trains national church leaders, educators and missionaries with Bible-based English curricula and other related materials for teen and adult outreach classes and for English classes in schools K-12 in order for them to reach their countries with the Christian message.

We believe teaching English meets a person’s felt need to know the English language and telling them about Jesus through His word meets their real need. Therefore, we create curriculum which includes Bible scriptures, stories and songs that correlate with the English language lessons they need. By teaching every-day, practical English, applicable scriptures and kingdom principles and the Good News of Jesus, we believe we meet their felt and real needs in a very real way.

Through English classes, relationship and trust are formed as language learning is a long process. Through relationship and Bible-based English students see Christianity played out in the lives of their tutors, teachers and leaders and learn valuable truths by which to live, but most importantly they hear about the love of God and the way to Him.

Learning Material

  Quick Connections, our new missions curriculum, gives
tutors all over the world the tools to teach English students
about God’s love and forgiveness. Quick Connections
was developed to be an interactive, Bible-based,
communication-driven and cutting-edge curriculum. It can
be used for English camps and also as 1st semester
curriculum in standard English classes for teens and adults.
It is written on two levels: basic and higher level.

The Quick Connections series includes the teacher manual, a student
book, an audio CD, a modified Story Approach live training
lesson DVD, Pronunciation and Rhythm charts. For more
information about QC and curriculum in development,
contact us.



Student PDF



Student Book Lesson 1

Victor Getting Quick Connections



Robert, a Polish teacher, was
very excited to receive a copy of
Quick Connections!








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