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Equipping National Leaders and Missionaries

EAC trains and equips national leaders and missionaries around the world to start English outreach ministries and teach Bible-based English curriculum to teens and adults. We believe this will give churches a viable, cutting-edge tool to enable them to reach their nations for Christ. Students not only learn to understand, speak, read and write English but also learn Bible scriptures and stories that lead to an understanding of the Gospel.

Learning new strategies

Practice teaching an activity

Learning new strategies in Bulgaria

Practice teaching an activity Sierre Leone, Africa


Tutor Requirements
A tutor does not need to be a trained teacher or a grammarian but needs to:
     1—have a passion to serve the Lord
     2—desire to share the Good News and disciple others
     3—desire to help non-English speakers learn to communicate and think in English
     4—be fluent in the English language
     5—have an aptitude for teaching
     6—be open to other cultures and new teaching strategies
     7—attend a Tutor Training Workshop

Training Opportunities
Training workshops and conferences are conducted worldwide. There are several EAC training formats:
     1—Tutor Training Workshop for adult and teen outreach ministries
     2Story Approach Workshop for educators
     3—EASEL Institute, which is a combination of the tutor and educator workshops
     4emPower Conference for tutors and teachers
     5—Teacher In-service training for continuing education hours

Teaching rhythm through a song with motions

Team teaching directions to teens

Teaching Romanian Roma and missionaries to say,
"Please listen!"

Team teaching directions to teens in Poland

A Tutor Training Workshop for adult and teen outreach ministries is a 20-hour interactive training workshop. It will prepare a new tutor to teach English using our Connection Series and to use interactive strategies, such as games and activities. Practice teaching sessions are included in order for the new tutors to be able to begin their English outreach immediately following the workshop.

If you wish to have a Tutor Training Workshop at your church or school, contact us for more details.

An emPower Conference is a 3-day empowering conference for tutors and educators filled with times for spiritual refreshing, personal encouragement, workshops for activities and strategies, and group fellowship with colleagues. It is completely in English in order to strengthen and increase the English abilities and vocabulary of national leaders for whom English is their second, or third or more, language.









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