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Take some time to focus on the cross before you fly into the day

                                                                                                                                              Penny Hiller
Ever been in a no-fly zone?
Ever been in a no-fly zone? I've been experiencing one for a week now. It's quite interesting. I've had extra time with my family living in Belgium, special times in the Word, and the opportunity for long walks. I've had time to catch up on emails, to communicate at a crucial time with my team going to Mexico in June, to work on curriculum that takes a particular focus and uninterrupted time...time to, time to, and time to..... I even had time to mend after a fall and time to sort out a stolen credit card, which wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't been forced into a no-fly zone. If you haven't experienced periodic time in a no-fly zone, I strongly suggest you enter one before you find yourself forced into one because of burnout, being on the wrong track, etc. And I strongly recommend you enter one each morning to get your "flying orders" before you "fly" off into the wild world. Otherwise, you may find yourself flying to the wrong destination or unable to combat the enemy attacks that come your way. The world sees the no-fly zone caused by Iceland's volcanic ash as a disaster, causing chaos to Europe and beyond. I see it as a time for reflection, healing, fellowship, & restoration... and a time to connect to my Pilot. No-fly zone....a positive experience in my book!!
Pray for Poland!
Polish flag flying at half mast at SHAPE NATO in Belgium during the week of mourning in Poland

Please pray for Poland as they grieve over the deaths of their president and first lady and so many of their top leaders. Pray they will have the mind of God for their elections in June.

Please pray for me as I travel there Friday to work on Kids' Connections, a short-term English curriculum for children.

My friend and colleague Justyna and I will also be praying over her city to begin a prayer initiative for a Christian school, kindergarten - 12th, in southern Poland.

Please pray about...

  • my trip April 23 - May 5th to Poland to work on Kids' Connection and begin the prayer initiative for a Christian school in southern Poland

  • God's continued guidance for the development of Kids' Connection : )

  • the Mexico English camp in June....19 people going to minister!

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EAC is a 501-C3 non-profit organization; all donations are tax-deductible.

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