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The Story Approach

The Story Approach is a method, or determined approach, to help students reach the desired goal of communicating and thinking in English, as well as reading and writing. This approach to language learning concentrates on: sounds, words, phrases, sentences, and comprehension of literature selections, both fiction and non-fiction. Sounds are learned in the context of words, words in the context of phrases and sentences, and phrases and sentences in the context of stories, poems, dramas, songs, magazine articles, newspapers, non-fiction text, etc

Mexico Teacher helping

Learning through Drama Poland

An EAC Mexico teacher helping a
student remember her word order

Learning English through drama
in Poland


It is an interactive, whole language approach to language learning which
     1—provides a reading or an ESL/EFL program with an innovative, intensive approach designed to develop
           proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing;
     2—enables the teacher to stay focused, consistent and structured;
     3—provides the student with the ability to use proper word order, which results in understandable
     4—teaches the student how to think in the language being taught as well as the student’s own language;
     5—teaches the student how to listen and comprehend, speak, read and write in the language being taught;
     6— provides an opportunity, a safe environment, for students to examine moral issues and determine how
            to apply what they learn to their lives and
     7—use stories, parables, and fables to convey Kingdom/ Biblical principles.

Korean, Lebanese and Russian students

Mexican preschoolers learning English

Korean, Lebanese and Russian students
learning their sentences using actions

Mexican preschoolers learning English
through songs with actions











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